This year’s recipient of Ryogoku Bear’s Creation Support Program, Rafael Alvarez, will be returning in October to finalize the work he has been developing and give a one-time only showing before presenting the completed piece in Paris and Lisbon. This is how Rafael describes the work:

IN THE RANGE OF A WAVE is revealed through a silent dialogue of listening and observation. The aesthetic experience of travelling materializes itself in a choreographic and visual composition of the invisible, the unspeakable, the immanent, the ephemeral, the fragile and the intuitive. On this first journey to Tokyo, I assemble a collection of images and imagery crossing references and impressions, works and narratives around the country of the rising sun. From my exotic gaze I let myself be guided by the accumulation of common places and clichés of a certain (western) image of Japan and simultaneously diving into a sea of discoveries and revelations swallowed by the megalopolis of Tokyo. From detail to ritual, from the symbolic to the abstract, I find myself in the fragility, ephemerality and potency of the materials that I propose to explore – body and paper. A first initial single image generates the will for the creation of this solo, remaining invisible but present throughout the project – ‘The Great Wave of Kanawaga’, iconic work of Hokusai. In this floating world nothing is too small or insignificant to hold our attention. This solo of shadows, evocations and masks whose Hokusai wave allows to embody is an invitation to travel and stand still at the same time.

Please join us for this special showing!

Date: October 9, 7:00pm
(box office opens 30 minutes before)

Price: ¥1,000; ¥1,200 at the door

For more information and reservations, contact
or 090-8505-3221 (Lang)