Rafael Alvarez/Bodybuilders continues to develop the “THE WAVE PROJECT” that started with the development of “IN THE RANGE OF A WAVE”  at Ryogoku Bear in 2017. This new duet “A WAVE FROM A DISTANCE”, featuring Yuta Ishikawa, has been developed in conjunction with a set of community dance activities of creation and presentation (residences, performances, laboratories and masterclasses) held in Portugal, France, Japan and Malaysia involving locally professional artists and students of artistic higher education, dancers with functional diversity, 55plus and seniors movers.

A WAVE FROM A DISTANCE will be performed at Ryogoku Bear one time only at 7pm on Saturday, December 8.
Tickets are ¥1,500 and can be reserved by sending an email to bodybuilders321@gmail.com

​For more information, go to the Bodybuilders web site at www.bodybuilders.pt/copia-in-the-range-of-a-wave